Okay, this is a pretty simple blog project. If you stopped over here from nine apple trees, then “hello again”. If you’re new to the blog or stumbled upon us then “welcome, thanks for stopping by.”

I’m a designer and artist, and along with my artist wife we’re in the thick of raising our family and doing the best we can to enjoy life. Technology and kids being what they are, our oldest boy of course wanted a camera like his mom and dad have. So a while back we bought him a small Samsung point and shoot camera on clearance at Best Buy. And occasionally if that one goes missing he borrows my little Canon point and shoot.

Since I’m in charge of making sure all the photos the family takes get on the computer and are saved somehow (this is ridiculously tedious by the way) I started coming across the photos our kid takes and I was struck by the innocence and unintended artistry that  the photographs represented. Who knows what goes through his little four-year old mind as he presses the tiny silver button on top of the camera. But I’m convinced it’s not entirely random, though there is beauty in the randomness.

There is a certain purity in photographs taken by kids that can not be replicated by even the best photographers in the world, in my opinion. I’m certain that the purity and innocence (and humor) will be lost, along with so much wonder and other “neat” facets of childhood as our children grow older.

This blog is an effort to capture, through photographs, a child’s view of the world that is difficult or impossible for any of us to recreate. And for each of us to get back in touch with the wonder, innocence, humor and beauty that is being a child. We all take ourselves so seriously that we lose site of the world around us, our relationships and why we were put on this earth.

As my next oldest starts to take photos we’ll share those as well. And in time, like everything things will evolve…changing, becoming no less spectacular but no less different. Our kids will grow up. Just as we have. The trick is not losing our childlike wonder.

I don’t crop or refinish any of the photographs, they are all raw as they came off the camera, although I do reduce the file size and save them as a .gif for the web. They are all taken by our children. All the photos are copyright and the property of our family, namely copyright (2013) Christopher Weigand and copyright (2013) Little Grey Cat Studio. They may not be copied or reproduced or reposted without my permission. Please contact me directly at Christopher@littlegreycatstudio.com for more information and permissions.

Please enjoy and interpret for yourself.  Thank you for allowing us to share with you. Never lose the child within you.



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